The Big 3 Things of the Week

The Big 3 Things of the Week

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The Big 3 Things of the Week


week, we look at the Big Three things happening in Celtics-land, good and bad, and we rank them…
because you need to kill time at work, and we're here to serve you.

On the way up

1: The Beast's balls – Perk is not afraid to call out his teammates if he has to.  And right now, he has to.  Who's gonna say something to him?

Kristine Leahy 2: Look at all these rumors… surroundin' me every day –  The Celtics are pursuing Andres Nocioni.  Wait, no they're not.  Wait… just how much better is he than Scal anyway?  Nothing like a little mongering to get peoples' dander up.  FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!

3: Undiscovered talent – This internet thing is gonna catch on… especially if it's inhabited by talented reporters like this covering the Celtics.  No really, I watch for the, uhhh, interviews.

On the way down

3: Cruise control – You know that car in the right lane going 45 miles per hour with the blinker on?  That's the Celtics against bad teams.  How long can we look the other way on this?

2: Technically, you're an a-hole – Joey Crawford hands out techs like Halloween candy.  Hell… he just gave me one for writing that last sentence. Hey Stern… you wanna fix that, or what

1. Board games – While watching Golden State destroy the C's on the boards in the first half of Wednesday's game, I asked on Twitter when I should start worrying about the rebounding.  The responses I got:  "Start? I'm already there" and "Ummm… I'd say last week."

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