The Islanders Are... Sponsoring Us?

The Islanders Are... Sponsoring Us?

Barry Melrose Rocks

The Islanders Are... Sponsoring Us?


I had no idea that this was going on until I saw it on the site tonight. I know there are quite a few Isles fans who frequent the site since I can’t stop talking about them, so I guess the marketing department in Uniondale is doing a good job finding their target demographics.

Or maybe the ads are targeted based on my internet browsing. That’s probably it. I imagine the rest of the gang gets ads targeted to their interests.

Dave: Hookers, blackjack, Jack Daniels and Ric Flair merchandise.

Enforcer: Swedish girls

Loser Domi: Whatever it is girls do on the internet

And seriously, I swear I’m not behind this. But they’re right — it’s the perfect holiday gift for folks like me.

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