Wolves Updates 11/20

Wolves Updates 11/20

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Wolves Updates 11/20


From Rod Simons/Timberwolves site:

I’m asked all the time, do these guys (the Wolves) care if they win or lose?! My reaction is, “you gotta be kidding me”. YES, they care!! Geez. But I will say that they have perspective on it and much of the credit for that goes to head coach Kurt Rambis. So, losing this early in the season is bugging the the home team but it doesn’t show, at least outwardly. You KNOW it’s killing ’em inside. They are young, talented and unfortunately making adjustments, learning to play with so many new teammates. They are still understaffed, especially in the front court where being short handed means fewer rebounds, more points allowed and in the Wolves case, a few too many losses
Perhaps it’s that experience — a season in the D-League, a season and a half with the Bucks before signing with the Wolves last September — that has helped him grow gradually more effective as Minnesota’s primary backup to point guard Jonny Flynn. Sessions’ four most productive games in a Wolves uniform all have occurred in the past 10 days, with the best coming in Wednesday’s loss to Houston.

Sessions posted a season-high 16 points against the Rockets by hitting seven of 11 shots from the field, while also dishing out a team-high five assists.

The Wolves stared across the court at a team they aspire to be in the near future. On Wednesday night, Houston answered every run from Minnesota, including a strong 20-point performance from Al Jefferson.

“I didn’t feel like they were ready to play. They should have brought more energy. They played a team that played last night. They did in small pockets and short periods of time but they didn’t sustain it,” head coach Kurt Rambis said.
While the Rockets have developed a remarkable group instinct for the pace and flow of the game, the Wolves often seem lost to each other, scrambling from moment to moment, un-attuned to the game’s greater logic. This really is going to take a while.
Kevin Love may be sidelined during games, but he still has his right hand to scoop stuffing. On Monday night, Love, along with the entire Timberwolves team, coaching staff, Dancers, and Crunch, participated in the Give-Thanks event at the View restaurant in Minneapolis. The players served a Thanksgiving-style meal to a mixture of Purple Heart recipients from WWII, Vietnam and Iraq, families of soldiers killed in action and military service members that have recently served in a combat zone.
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