Enemy Chatter: Agent Dagger and the Case of the Missed Free Throws

Enemy Chatter: Agent Dagger and the Case of the Missed Free Throws

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Enemy Chatter: Agent Dagger and the Case of the Missed Free Throws


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers
are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose
of 'enemy chatter' from Washington.

The Wizards didn't have much to say about the Celtics or Rajon Rondo's sizzling performance. Most of their focus was on…. Gilbert Arenas' missed free throws.

Arenas used to have a reputation as a reliable closer, but for the
second time in as many home games, he came up short when his team
needed him most. He missed two free throws that could've tied the game
with 26.7 seconds remaining against the Celtics, after missing a point-blank layup that could've tied the game late against Toronto.

Wizards Insiders – Michael Lee

However despite drawing the foul, Arenas couldn't convert on his
free-throws. Gil missed both, completely squandering the opportunity he
had created for his team. But hasn't that been the story of the season
for the Wizards so far this year? Their man, who used to be the man,
can seemingly do everything but finish. He gets open, he makes the
plays, but seemingly never when they count the most.

Agent Dagger

The Wizards decided not to play defense in the second quarter. Not only did they go without a rebound, they gave up the following horrific buckets: Allen dribbled down the court, past a jogging Caron Butler and into the lane to dunk on Andray Blatche's face – the signature move of the league's best outside shooter; Garnett slammed home an alley oop from Rajon Rondo that was so obvious that Wizards assistant coach Sam Cassell was out of his seat screaming before it happened; and coming out of a timeout, Rondo dribbled the length of the court straight down the lane for a layup. That's a recipe for getting outscored 37-22 if there ever was one.

Examiner – Craig Stouffer

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