Kravitz on Tiger

Kravitz on Tiger


Kravitz on Tiger


Bob talks to Peyton Manning about the most boring story around. I agree with Bob, this is a stupid, boring story that could not be more irrelevant. I do not get the faux outrage. The Rick Reilly’s of the world should be utterly ashamed.

We spoke briefly, off the record, and so the contents of that very short talk won’t be revealed here — and honestly, he didn’t say anything substantive or revealing.

But I noticed something: The blood seemed to drain from his face.

First, because he’s relatively close to Woods. Nobody likes to see a friend taken down, even if the indiscretions virtually invited the harsh gaze of the celebrity media and then the grudging attention of the mainstream media.

Second, though, this has a chance to affect him and any other high-profile athlete/endorser who makes millions on his good name and positive image. If you’re Manning or Jeff Gordon or anybody else at that rarefied level, aren’t you forced now to take personal inventory and wonder, “How much privacy do I really have in my life?”

Because the answer, sadly, is none.

It’s gone.


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