Kuharsky loving Wayne loving Berry

Kuharsky loving Wayne loving Berry


Kuharsky loving Wayne loving Berry


Nice piece by Kuharsky on 87’s respect for one of the all time greats. 88 had a letter from him in his locker too.

Wayne has an appreciation for Berry, and it’s another reason to appreciate Wayne, who plays in an era when so many guys are not concerned with NFL history or their predecessors.

Here’s what Wayne told Indy reporters this week when asked about Berry:

“I believe that he’s helped paved the way. He’s one of those guys that did it and did it the right way, and gave us young bucks the opportunity to go in and try to hunt him down a little bit. He’s a great person. I’ve met him a few times. Whenever my name is mentioned in the same category with him, it is always an honor.”

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