Rashard Lewis Has No Respect for His Coach

Rashard Lewis Has No Respect for His Coach

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Rashard Lewis Has No Respect for His Coach



Via the Orlando Sentinel:

Controversy brewed during the Orlando Magic's 120-111 loss to the Utah
Jazz on Thursday night when power forward Rashard Lewis said he
declined to go back in the game during the second quarter.

Coach Stan Van Gundy was upset and said he had never had a player overrule him.

“(Lewis) didn't want to go back in. I wanted to put him back in with
six minutes to go in the second quarter and he didn't want to go back
in," Van Gundy said after the Magic (17-5) had their six-game winning
streak broken. "He said it was because he had two fouls, and so if you
have a guy who doesn't want to play, I'm not going to get in an
argument and put him back in if he doesn't want to play at that time.

I can understand a player saying to his coach – "Are you sure? So-and-so is playing really well." But to outright refuse to enter a game is baffling to me.

Lewis' comment shows he really doesn't get it.

"(Van Gundy) wasn't pissed at the time," said Lewis of declining to
report in at Van Gundy's request. "But he was pissed when they started
making a run. You got to point the finger at something if that's what
you got to point it at. Hey, I don't give a damn."

You're right Rashard, you don't give a damn and it shows.

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