Tyreke Evans: Your 2010... MVP?

Tyreke Evans: Your 2010... MVP?

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Tyreke Evans: Your 2010... MVP?


Frank Hughes from NBA.com has a little fun with the MVP race and throws Tyreke Evans into the Top 10:

There are two different views of expectations that enable The Race to have some fun and throw Evans in the mix. First, there are the expectations of the Toronto Raptors, who should have a far better record than they do and whose record is keeping Chris Bosh from accompanying this journey on a regular basis. The Kings have a winning percentage that is similar to Toronto’s, but they were not expected to be nearly as good as that. And because they are overachieving, the rookie Evans needs to be recognized for his 20.1 points, 5.0 rebounds and 5.1 assists. Evans is a beast, and should only get better given he is playing the position most difficult to learn as a rookie.

Check out the article here.

As big of a mancrush as I have on Tyreke Evans, even I have a hard time considering this as a reality. His numbers our absurd and clearly the Kings are a much better team this year with him than they were without him. But I believe this has more to do with Paul Westphal’s coaching and coaching staff for their semi-success this season than Tyreke. It’s fun to throw around though.

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