Watching a Fanbase Writhe and Twitter in Pain

Watching a Fanbase Writhe and Twitter in Pain

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Watching a Fanbase Writhe and Twitter in Pain


OK, so I think it’s fair to say that Chris Lee made a boo-boo last night. Aaaaand that may have cost the Habs a point in the standings. Aaaaand the Habs made the playoffs by virtue of an 8th seed tie-breaker last year so their fans know exactly how big that point could end up being at the end of the year. And I know that I’d be just as mad if these were the Islanders getting jobbed (although I think I’d find a way to chalk it up to the organization screwing up as a whole). But hey, I can still post all the funny Twitters that came out of a bad situation, right? It’s not piling on or anything if we can laugh about it, right? Well, OK, maybe not. But I’m still gonna do it.

And yes, I posted a bunch of Habs Twitters at FanHouse, but the real fun is with the not-so-PG-rated ones that I can’t post over there.

@Cathie_AK27: Chris Lee’s intent was to blow Crosby, err the whistle, as per Crosby on TSN interview. #gohabsgo

@HunterZthompson: Why do the habs constantly get screwed by chris lee &/or tim peel? And why does paul devorski always look like he’s got a pile of shit in his pants?

@miad_habsgirl31: just saw the disallowed goal again…fuck man i wanna kill chris lee #refssuck !!

Those Habs girls. Gotta be careful or they’ll stab ya!

@habsfan32: Yikes!! Was someone wearing a Chris Lee ref jersey? RT @EricEngels Absolutely scary fight in section 435 of the Bell Centre tonight.

@daedalusMTL: damn refs…. i cant believe it. what a sellout!!! Chris Lee, you a re SELLOUT

Did he go mainstream and release a music video or something?

And this one is really not safe for young ears:

@Number31: Brian Wilde on CTV: “Players will face a 10k fine if they say ‘Chris Lee stinks’, but I don’t so… Chris Lee Stinks”

My heart goes out to all the pained Habs fans out there. It really does. But hey, it’s still fun to watch French Canada go into full on zombie rage mode from a safe distance away.

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