Clayton breaks down the game

Clayton breaks down the game


Clayton breaks down the game


I think he’s overstating how well the Jets defense played the first time

10. Who’s going to win?

This one is pretty easy, although I thought the Chargers would beat the Jets. The Colts, after letting Sanchez and the Jets get into the playoffs, will go to the Super Bowl. The week after that loss to the Jets was ugly in Indianapolis. Fans were upset because they wanted the Colts to go for the 16-0 season. Caldwell and general manager Bill Polian were more concerned about injuries. They had about a dozen players who were banged up. Owner Jim Irsay had to come to the defense of his coach and general manager by saying that the only goal for this team was the Super Bowl.

The main reason I’m picking the Colts is Manning. The Colts proved that running and defense can only get you so far in games against them. The Dolphins had the ball for about 45 minutes in a Monday night game in Week 2. Manning came back and won the game 27-23 with a touchdown drive in the final minutes.

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