Drive Charts: Week 16

Drive Charts: Week 16


Drive Charts: Week 16


Your Moment of Zen:

Colts offense vs Jets defense:

Drive one: 2 first downs, 25 yards, punt

Drive two:  2 first downs, 54 yards, TD

Drive three:  3 first downs, 86 yards, FG

Drive four:  2 first downs, 30 yards, punt

Drive six:  2 first downs, 20 yards, punt

Drive seven:  4 first downs, 81 yards, TD

3 and outs: 0

Scoring drives:  3/7

Jets offense vs. Colts defense

Drive one: 0 first downs, 6 yards, punt

Drive two: 3 first downs, 33 yards, punt

Drive three: 0 first downs, 5 yards, punt

Drive four: 4 first downs, 63 yards, FG

Drive five:  2 first downs, 34 yards, punt

3 and outs:  2

Scoring drives:  1/5

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