Kravitz says "Be careful of what you wish for"

Kravitz says "Be careful of what you wish for"


Kravitz says "Be careful of what you wish for"


Yeah, I’m still taking Sanchez over Rivers as an opponent every day of the week.

After the Colts’ divisional victory Saturday, players were naturally asked who they preferred to play, and they naturally answered that they didn’t care. Pump them full of sodium pentathol, and I’d bet most of them hoped for a return visit from the Jets. First, the Chargers have driven them crazy in recent years. But they still feel like they owe the Jets a little something, that they were forced to give away that game and their perfect season by management.

When the starters were still out there, the Jets did almost nothing. The Colts scored 15 points, just missing on long passes to Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark. The Jets kicked a field goal, and got their other seven points on a Brad Smith kickoff return.

To Colts fans, I would say this before you book your tickets to Miami: Be careful what you wish for.

Now, then, the real fun starts, and Ryan and his Jets are going to make it fun.

Ryan is the anti-Jim Caldwell, similar only in the sense that both men are rookie head coaches. He is full of bluster and bold pronouncements, a Namath-esque figure without the full-length mink and the panty hose commercials. Caldwell? Shoot, you have to sit in his lap simply to hear him during one of his media briefings. The next time he says something that’s headline-worthy will be his first. He’s so guarded, when somebody asked him what his wife bought him for his birthday Saturday, he chose not to share that information. (What was it? Plutonium?)

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