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What Freeney said is evident from the Colts’ experience is winning in the playoffs is not about what happened before, and it’s not about what is said before games. It’s not about being dominant defensively, necessarily — which the Colts were Saturday — and it’s not about being dominant offensively, which the Colts weren’t at all times Saturday. It’s about doing what is necessary at the necessary times, which is what the Colts did on Saturday night.

That is what the Colts were this season above all else, and perhaps not insignificantly, it’s what they were following the 2006 regular season. The Colts that postseason played well defensively for three and a half games, and the one half they didn’t — the first half of an AFC Championship Game victory over New England — they followed it with their lone explosive offensive half of that postseason to win the most memorable game in Indianapolis Colts history. The point is not to criticize the offense of that postseason, but to say the Colts won the Super Bowl that season because they played as a team, and as such made whatever play was necessary whenever it was needed.

That’s playoff football, and that’s championship football, and it’s why the Colts have a chance against whoever they play the rest of the postseason.

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