Baseball's Past...In the Future

Baseball's Past...In the Future

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Baseball's Past...In the Future


Every so often, someone will send out a tweet, an email, something that makes you sit back and say “I wish I would have thought of that”. I had one of those moments last week and right now, Larry Granillo over at Wezen Ball is the cat that made me wish I “had thought of that”.

Allow me to explain.

There are a few movie staples in my house that, at any given moment, you can put in and everyone stops what they’re doing, shuts up and watches.

The Trilogy has become one of those “movies”.

I know, I know, “Star Wars ” is regarded as THE Trilogy, but what I’m talking about is “Back to the Future” and, to bring this back to Larry, please check out what popped up on Wezen Ball this morning.

It was pointed out on the web last week that, if the film Back to the Future was released today, Marty would travel back in time all the way to the year 1980. Not only did that observation cause a whole generation (or two) to feel ridiculously old, but it also helped to start a conversation or two about one of the greatest film trilogies there is.

In reading those conversations, I was reminded of something interesting shown in Back to the Future II. When Marty arrives in Hilldale in 2015, he’s inundated with the technology of the future, including a “realistic” hologram of the shark in Jaws 19. He also sees a newsreel highlighting the news that the Cubs have won the World Series over Miami – a team that didn’t exist in 1985, and whose mascot, apparently, is a gator with a bat.

The news prompts Marty to go buy the Gray’s Sports Almanac, and adventures ensue.

You can read the rest over at Wezen Ball. And if you feel so inclined…you can also follow Larry on Twitter.

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