A matchup for the ages

A matchup for the ages


A matchup for the ages


CHFF says only one ranked higher. I won’t disagree with that

And Drew Brees vs. Peyton Manning shapes up as a refreshing body wash  of success: Brees was the highest rated passer in the NFL in 2009 and set a single-season record for accuracy (70.62%); Manning is on pace to become the all-time record holder in everything. In fact, our instant instinct was that this would be the greatest clash of high-powered quarterbacks in Super Bowl history. So we ran the numbers.
Actually, it’s close. But it doesn’t quite top the list. That honor goes to a game a quarter century ago that even the most devout Saints and Colts fans must admit was a shade ahead of Brees-Manning. That game, of course, was the showdown between Joe Montana and his 15-1 49ers vs. Dan Marino and his 14-2 Dolphins in Super Bowl XIX.
That’s not just the booze talking, either. It’s the irrefutable declaration of the Cold, Hard Football Facts, as well. We compiled the passer ratings of every starting Super Bowl quarterback in history to determine the greatest match-up of gunslingers in the history of America’s Game (the chart appears below).
Montana-Marino tops the list – but only by margin so thin that our otherwise well-perfumed girlfriends could shave their mustaches with it. Montana (102.9) and Marino (108.9) entered Super Bowl XIX after regular seasons in which they averaged a 105.9 passer rating.
Brees (109.6) and Manning (99.9) boast an average passer rating of 104.8. It’s a match-up for the ages. It will deserve the hype that it will continue to generate over the next 12 days. But it falls just shy of the standards set by the Montana and Marino shootout, each of whom were at or nearing the height of their statistical powers in 1984.

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