Enemy Chatter: Perk is very cerebral with his physicality

Enemy Chatter: Perk is very cerebral with his physicality

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Enemy Chatter: Perk is very cerebral with his physicality


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers
are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose
of 'enemy chatter' from LA.

This trip consists of games the Clippers
should win but could give away, and games they should lose but could
steal.  And when the trip is over, regardless of the final verdict, I
have a feeling we're all going to look back and rue this game.  Because
this one was there to be stolen.

Not even stolen, truth be told.  Just flat won. The Celtics, for whatever reason, just aren't playing great basketball right now.


Hey Clips fans, don't get so worked up about one loss. Come the end of the season, will it really matter if you won 29 games instead of 28 games?

Kendrick Perkins might be best known for his brawn, but he’s very
cerebral with that physicality. Perk pushes his defensive assignment
off his preferred spot, but more than anything, he wants that man to
feel uncomfortable. He wants him to know that what little space he’s
afforded comes at a premium and can be taken away without notice.

Clippers Blog

"On the season we shoot right around the high 40's, low 50's, somewhere
in there on a typical night. We did a good job defensively though for
the most part. Late in the game, they got some free throws and shots,
but for three quarters, and probably three and three-quarters, we did a
great job defensively on them. This is one of the best teams in the
East, in the NBA period, and for us to beat them one time and play them
this well is a positive note. We would have liked to get out of here
with another win," said Chris Kaman.

Added coach Mike Dunleavy:
"[Kaman] had wide-open looks, and he didn’t make shots, and that’s what
I’m saying. The same looks that he’s made in the past that have gotten
us a win are the same looks he had tonight. Unfortunately, everybody’s
going to have certain nights like that, but they were still wide open
and they were good finds, and, hey, maybe next time they’ll go down.”

"Coach just applauded our effort, especially on a back-to-back," said forward Marcus Camby.
"We just came up in the loss column, but this is a long trip for us and
we can’t hang our heads. We have to find a way to get some energy and
go into Jersey and get a win on Wednesday."

ESPN Boston

On Page 2, what had Camby so pissed off.

"We were all slipping. It seemed like every Clipper was
slipping, then when Ray Allen slips, they want to bring it in and
address the issue, so that's what we were chirping about," Marcus Camby
said. "It was kind of dangerous out there for both teams."

AP Recap

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