Random thoughts on Sunday

Random thoughts on Sunday


Random thoughts on Sunday


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10. Stat of the year: In eight out of 18 games this season, the Colts have scored a touchdown in the final two minutes of the half.

Think about how hard this is to accomplish.

First, you have to have possession in the final two minutes of the half. Second, you have to manage the clock such that your possession has time to end in a touchdown. Third, you have to drive the field and, you know, score a touchdown, one of the most difficult things to manage in all of sports.

Yet after his score at the end of the half that made it a 17-13 game, Peyton Manning has done it in almost half the games he’s played this season. Just more evidence, if you needed any, that Manning is playing at a higher level than any quarterback ever has.

But even that wasn’t enough.

Want a higher degree of difficulty in the AFC championship game?

Okay, you have to complete every pass to the same receiver for all 80 yards. And that receiver has to be a rookie Mormon wide receiver.

What odds could you have gotten on this in 2008, four million to 1?

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