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Friday Links – Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl Statement, Ochocinco and LeBron Battle for Ohio’s Best Kicker Title, & The Real Greg Oden Standing Tall

It’s almost the weekend after what felt like a very long week. Thankfully, I’ll be letting my hair down a bit and going out with a couple of my buddies, who are turning the big 2-1 this weekend. I’ll only be letting my hair down figuratively though, I just got a new haircut. Fuckin’ skanks.

  • Tim Tebow will be tackling some big issues on Super Bowl Sunday. No, the Colts haven’t bypassed the draft to make Tebow hold Peyton Manning’s clipboard. Instead, Tebow will be featured in a 30-second pro-life advertisement, sure to raise hell with women, hippies, and Georgia fans. My good friend Andrew B is understandably upset, saying that Tebow is “messing with the purity of the Super Bowl.” I don’t know about that, but I think there’s definitely some “purity” issues involved with Tebow’s supposed lady-friend. You make the call: real or fake?
Tim Tebow girlfriend
  • Chad “Esteban” Ochocinco wants to spice up the Pro Bowl by getting a shot at the AFC’s kicking duties. After Nate Kaeding’s performance in the playoffs, I don’t blame him. In related news, LeBron James was fined $25,000 yesterday after his attempt to out-kick #85 by booting a water bottle into the stands. At least they didn’t suspend him, or fans would miss out on the real show before the game.
  • We haven’t devoted any words or picture space to Greg Oden’s penis here at D4L yet, and I’m ok with that. If you’re interested to see why your devoted female lover won’t have sex with you anymore, check out Deadspin’s coverage of The Member Formerly Known as Greg Oden.
  • In yet another case of a professional sports league overstepping its boundaries, the NFL has decided that the “Who Dat” slogan of the New Orleans Saints is their (the NFL’s) property. I’m not sure how long “Who Dat” has been part of the N’awlins vocabulary, but I’m willing to bet it’s been this way for more than a few weeks. The No Fun League is going so far as to try to ban any Who Dat apparel sold without their logo, seal of approval, and $50 mark-up.
  • Only the Clippers would find a way to lose to one of the worst teams in NBA history, doing so 103-87 on Wednesday night. Actually, there were a lot of ways the Clippers lost that game, and Clipperblog has documented all of them. [via ESPN]
  • Both Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk have put up some good numbers against the Phoenix Coyotes. This week, one announcer made the conclusion that lots of points = great sex? See/listen for yourself below.
  • I’m all for fans doing just about anything to show their support for their team. But giving up one of the family jewels for Super Bowl tickets? Dude, save the money and buy a TV. Any person willing to take him up on that offer should be looking in the Craigslist ads for psychiatrists.
Carrie Underwood
Rob’s Highlight of the Day

I feel bad about making this my highlight because it involves someone getting injured, but I’m already on my way to hell so I might as well hit the gas. Alex Ovechkin took a slapper so mighty that it broke Jack Hillen’s face. We wish Jack all the best, but wow Ovie, wow. [via Sporting News]

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