David Perron Uses Twitter to Aid Haiti

David Perron Uses Twitter to Aid Haiti


David Perron Uses Twitter to Aid Haiti


David Perron Uses Twitter to Aid Haiti

davidperronFor all of you out there that are still under the impression Twitter serves no major purpose, consider the following story. This afternoon, Blues forward David Perron (who is already a major fan-favorite) announced through his Twitter account that he would donate $1 for each new follower he received in the month of February.

Perron, or @DP_57 on Twitter, started out with roughly 5,300 followers before making his announcement. Just a half hour later, the total swelled to over 6,200 , or a $900 donation in the mater of 30 minutes. Situations like this are a fairly common occurrence on Twitter, though on perhaps not such a large scale as an athlete contributing himself.

If you didn’t respect Perron before, you definitely should now. The youngster has taken great strides this season both on the ice and off the ice. Make sure you do your part by following Perron on Twitter by clicking the above link. Every dollar helps.

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