Twitter Tuesday...February 2, 2010

Twitter Tuesday...February 2, 2010

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Twitter Tuesday...February 2, 2010


Alright, so what in the world happened around here while I was away…can’t a guy take a week off without craziness ensuing?

Twitter Tuesday regulars Mike Bacsik was accused of grooving number 756 to Barry Bonds, with no hint or preview, Seth McClung got picked up by the Marlins and lastly, one of my favorite tweeters, Jose Canseco is talking about wanting to fight Herschel Walker.

God…I loveTwitter Tuesday.

Because Canseco is proving to be one of the most random tweeters out there (dude posts everything from pictures of his girlfriend to re-tweets of people praising him)…and I love him for it.

In 1989, I had a 40-40 poster hanging on my walls…and I was nowhere close to being an A’s fan. Because of that, this week’s Chatter is all you, Jose!

“This day in history: January 31st, 1865 ~ House passes 13th Amendment to the Constitution, abolishing slavery in the US.”

“Just came back from horse riding with my daughter & GF. My ass is chapped & my balls are bruised! Damn i hate riding horses.”

“Meetings starting up tomorrow to kick start my next move. Everyone keep your fingers crossed it goes as planned!”

“I have a few television projects and a couple different movie opportunity’s coming to life.”

“I guess I may have to show Herschel Walker who the real bad Boy of the Sports industry is. If the powers that be are reading, I want in.”

So…Nick Swisher appears in an episode of How I Met Your Mother and people are going nuts about it. Here’s hoping that CJ Wilson achieves his lifelong dream of appearing on LOST before it ends in May.

Earth2Kim: Nick Swisher on How I Met Your Mother?!? I didn’t recognize him without his A’s uniform.

swarheely: nick swisher on how i met your mother was hilarious! hahah

SnapTheJap: Could Nick Swisher LOOK like a bigger douche??

Jessie__Louise: Nick Swisher is on How I Met Your Mother. He’s got a lame fauxhawk though. Looks good otherwise

mpaynethird: If How I Met Your Mother wasn’t my favorite comedy before it definitely is now that it has had a Nick Swisher cameo

houtexmajorin: how the hell did Nick Swisher get a spot on HIMYM? was Quinton McCracken unavailable? John Vander Wal?

ayetortuga: i was really enjoying tonight’s episode of himym right up until the point where Nick Swisher walked into the bar

15munson15: Nick swisher for an Emmy

Raise your hand if you knew Tommy Lasorda was Canadien. Wait…what?!?

TommyLasorda: Congrats to Paul Quantril and Alan Roth for being inducted into the Canadian Baseball HOF. I was inducted in ’06

Not that I usually do the old “Follow Friday” thing (I reserve it for Tuesdays), I DO have to give a good friend his due (again) and suggest that you all follow Gar Ryness.

You see, Gar has the “least marketable skill in America” and with that, comes a gazillion YouTube hits, a book deal (more on that later…stay close to this site) and an invite to appear on David Letterman’s show.

If you’re not following him already, please check out Batting Stance Guy.

BallHype: hype it up!

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