Apropro of Nothing... The Tiger Woods Condom

Apropro of Nothing... The Tiger Woods Condom

St. Louis Cardinals

Apropro of Nothing... The Tiger Woods Condom


So the BR mom is Miami with El Dragone when they stumble upon some enterprising young men selling, well…

… The Tiger Condom.

Oh how the mighty have fallen. From Tag Heuer to cock socks. Pings to prophylactics. A startling fall indeed.

Imagine your confusion if you stubled upon this novelty item in February of 2009. Wouldn’t it seem like the most ridiculously immature stab at piggyback marketing? You’d probably be offended about this amateur hour.

But in 2010? Hi-larious. I even love the “Approved for Swingers” asterisk at the bottom there. The most dominant professional athlete of the decade now has joke jimmys getting handed out to my mom and she text’s me this photo and I put it up online and we all have a good laugh while this guy wallows away in sex rehab.

Anything can happen, man. Anything.

In other news, JS a longtime reader and world traveler checks in with another Cubs/Cards meme from somewhere in Europe. I think I may have posted this a while back- but if you want to see it again, never saw it in the first place or just enjoy Hitler getting pissed- LINK HERE

Lastly,  The Waterboy has moved into a 500 year-old house and I wanted to know if the place is haunted. He thinks it might be. So I wonder:

If you lived in a house and saw a ghost. (Your wife or girlfriend or boyfriend saw it too.) And the ghost talked with you for like a minute, then disappeared, would you still live in the house?

The ghost didn’t appear to be vengeful or dangerous- but it was pretty cryptic about what it was up to. You would break absolutely even on your house after everything was said and done.

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