Dancing with The Gamecocks

Dancing with The Gamecocks

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Dancing with The Gamecocks


How big were last week’s wins against Kentucky and Georgia?  Or rather how big was the win against Kentucky and not blowing the momentum against Georgia?  Well, some prognosticators now think the Gamecocks are going to the Big Dance.

Warren Nolan is the most optimistic about USC’s post season destination: he has the Gamecocks playing as a 11 seed against Xavier. 

Realtime RPI has South Carolina playing as a 12 seed against Georgia Tech. 

Baseline Stats predicts a 13 seed and a match-up against Temple. 

Lastly, the San Antonio Express-News  has USC penciled in as a 13 seed. 

A couple of notes: 

First, it’s way too early to be talking about Tournament projections in earnest, but that’s the whole point of bracketology – to look at things as they are right now.  Second, these 4 prognosticators are the only ones who have South Carolina dancing as far as I know.  Most brackets still don’t include the Gamecocks.  That being said, what is important is not who has us where or how we are seeded.  The important thing is that we are in the conversation.  Beating the #1 on National TV will do that for you.  As long as we continue to do well, we should stay in the conversation, and then … who knows.  The Gamecocks might just find a way into the tournament, then the real fun begins.

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