No Coyotes on TV? Thank you Balsillie!

No Coyotes on TV? Thank you Balsillie!

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No Coyotes on TV? Thank you Balsillie!


So last night the Coyotes were in Dallas to take on the Stars. Ask me if I got to watch the game? Go ahead, I dare ya!

The answer is a big resounding NO.


Earlier in the day I went to the Coyotes website and saw, yes it will be on FS-Arizona and it starts at 4. Got it. So at 4, I turn to FS-A and there is a college basketball game on. I watch for a few minutes and no switch over to Coyotes. I turn the channel and figure I will check back in a few minutes. Then twitter blows up. The game is on tape delay! It won’t start until 8! Then later it won’t start until 8:30! ACK! WTH?

Then (this doesn’t affect me) it is blacked out on CI because FS-A has the exclusive on this one.

So, someone on twitter says they can post the delayed games on their website. Thats great but shouldn’t the Coyotes put those details on their website? Shouldn’t they have the responsibility to inform their fans the day of if a game is on tape delay? If they put up that is on FS-A on their website, the least they could do is put a note that it is delayed and will air at 8 (or whatever time).

So needless to say, I didn’t watch the game. It was online but right now I have a laptop that I can’t watch videos on well. It wasn’t worth it to even pull up the web feed. And since the tape delay started at 8:30 (which means it ends at 11) and I already knew the outcome (we won) thanks to twitter I didn’t even watch the tape delay.

And just what did FS-A have on instead of Coyotes? U of A? Nope. ASU? Noooo. Not even an Arizona team. Not even a Pac-10 team. It was Virginia and South Carolina. Really? Really? I LIVE IN ARIZONA, ALMOST AS FAR FROM THOSE 2 STATES YOU CAN GET. There was no reason for them to show that game over the Coyotes, a freaking LOCAL team, an Arizona team.

Seriously. And you know who I can thank for this??? None other then Jim “I’m an asshole who tries to steal NHL teams because the NHL won’t sell to me and I’m a crybaby” Balsillie. HE HAD MOYES TAKE THE COYOTES TO BANKRUPTCY AND MADE EVERYTHING DRAG OUT ALL OFF-SEASON SO WE DIDN’T HAVE A TV DEAL IN PLACE AND THE STUPID COLLEGE BASKETBALL THAT HAS NO RELATION TO ARIZONA WINS OUT. If Jim “I’m an asshole who tries to steal NHL teams because the NHL won’t sell to me and I’m a crybaby” Balsillie ever gets and NHL team, I will lose faith in all that is good and true in this world. I will be unable to stomach watching his team.EVER. Even when that team takes on my Phoenix Coyotes.

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