Random thoughts from the Dark Side-Pro Bowl Edition

Random thoughts from the Dark Side-Pro Bowl Edition


Random thoughts from the Dark Side-Pro Bowl Edition


The Pro Bowl has come and gone once again with the reuslt being forgotten by the time the final whistle has blown. The players were going half speed or less for most of the game, and the defensive rules are so restrictive, what is the point? They should move it back to after the Super Bowl so it resumes its role as a methadone to come down after the actual season.

  • Was it just me, or did it seem like the announcers were paid by the number of times they said the prahse “Biggest crowd for a Pro Bowl in 50 years.”

  • Drew Brees and Peyton Manning gave a dual interview with Chris Berman at halftime. That was like the mutual admiration society. For that one moment, it would have been fun to hear what Rex Ryan would have had to say.
  • The NFL wants to have it both ways, fans are supposed to treat it like a real game, but the players don’t. For that matter, during the NFL Network coverage of the practices they had Maurice Jones-Drew of the AFC doing interviews during the NFC’s practice sesson. Somehow, I doubt that Joseph Addai will be interviewing Saints during their practice session.
  • Defensive ends had multiple shots where they could have laid out quarterbacks and didn’t take them.
  • Nnamdi Asomugha went down with a knee injury. Not good. He was seen later yucking it up with Chad OchoCinco on the sidelines. Good sign.
  • During the NFL Network pregame, Warren Sapp gave a shout out to Raider Legend Willie Brown. The panel was talking about shut down corners, and Deion Sanders is on the panel, so of course that was where the attention was focused when Micahel Irivn said there was only one shutdown corner in the league. Sapp said “Willie Brown. I have to say that I was a Raider.”
  • Deion could shut down a receiver, but can’t shut his mouth. He has good insight on aspects of the game, and truly loves football. However, he loves Deion Sanders more than anything else.

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