Reggie V Colston

Reggie V Colston


Reggie V Colston


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Wayne takes a lot of pride in the preciseness of his routes and his steps and moves are well calculated. He does a great job of setting up the defender and can easily put double moves together. He can plant and change directions with fluidity and that allows him to get good separation from tight coverage.

Colston runs precise routes. For a big receiver he does a nice job of getting in and out of his cuts. For a tall receiver he does a nice job of running routes from the slot position. He does a good job of playing big inside and will use his big frame to post up smaller defenders. Though he is a good route-runner, he does not show a lot of burst in and out of his cuts and that does hinder him from separating at times.

Edge: Wayne

Deep speed

Wayne has “sneaky” speed and, because he has no wasted motion or movement, he makes more deep plays than you might think. He does have a nifty little burst in and out of his cuts, which allows him to get quality separation. Wayne is “money in the bank” on the post corner route and will change speeds when he needs to.

This is the area in which Colston is most limited. He does not have the speed to consistently get vertical. The one thing he does have going for him is that he does play faster then his timed speed. He is tall with long legs and can eat up ground quickly. He is a long strider. He is more fast than quick. He breaks down well for a big receiver, but is not a guy you can use on a lot of double moves because once he stops his momentum, he can’t rebuild to speed. He is more of a glider than a speedster.

Edge: Push

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