What's Matthew Stafford Been Up To?

What's Matthew Stafford Been Up To?

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What's Matthew Stafford Been Up To?


D4L might be the Official Matthew Stafford fan club.  We’ve been on board with the guy since before the draft, back when the majority of Lions fans HATED the idea of paying a talented QB because of the other holes on the roster, and thus interested in leaving a bigger hole at QB.

Anyway, Stafford recently had a knee surgery and he should be rehabbing it now so he’ll be ready for next season.  He’s doing just that with the help of apple martinis and a hot, fake breasted, girlfriend.


Ah, yes.  Wait, what hat is that?


Ah, yes.  Detroit fuckin’ Tigers hat; my boy! Wait, what’s he drinking?


Ah, succulent. And for good measure, here’s a picture of Stafford displaying his honolulu blue steel look, a variation of the blue steel look from Zoolander.


[pics via Deadspin]

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