Wolves Updates 2/2

Wolves Updates 2/2

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Wolves Updates 2/2


The Wolves have four days off coming the end of next week when the All-Star Game will be played in Dallas. So this week, Rambis is keeping up a march in which he has given his team little more than a full day’s rest since Christmas.

Wolves center Al Jefferson mumbled something about “being back at training camp” this week, which is an unusual chance to hold four consecutive days of practice in the middle of an NBA season.

“We want them to think of the rest of the season as a starting point,” Rambis said Monday. “It’s not like I’m killing them every day for two hours, and we’re doing nothing but sprints and defensive slides. Today was short. They were on the floor for way less than 45 minutes. Keep ’em loose and keep ’em active and keep them trying to improve.”

From Ray Richardson/Pioneer Press:
Rookie point guard Jonny Flynn has had some fun decisions to make while dribbling downcourt in the Timberwolves’ past two games. Dump the ball inside to Al Jefferson. If Jefferson is covered, go to Ryan Hollins moving along the baseline for a possible slam dunk. When Kevin Love is on the floor, see if he is available for an open three-pointer.

Perhaps more than any other player, Flynn has first-hand knowledge of the Wolves’ dramatic improvement in front-line production. Coach Kurt Rambis’ decision to make Hollins the starting center suddenly has given the Wolves a promising front-line trio and has led to a two-game winning streak.

“We’ve always known what we would get out of Al and Kevin,” Flynn said. “It was sort of a mystery what we would get out of Ryan. Now we know. If he stays consistent — the way he’s been playing lately — the three of them will make us so much better.” 

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