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Ha. Ha ha. hahahahahahaha.


Major tip to Oehser, Greg Doyle thinks Tim Tebow will be a Colt. I don’t think I need to say anything else about this.  The Colts generally draft…good players.  I’d take Tebow with a fifth or sixth round pick just to stick it to the Jags.  That would be about it…

And he meshes with the Colts better than any quarterback-and-team in this draft.

For starters, Indianapolis doesn’t need a starting quarterback or a franchise hero, and Tim Tebow isn’t ready for either role. The Colts are coming off a Super Bowl appearance behind four-time MVP Peyton Manning, who turns 34 next month — a young 34. He takes few hits because of his intelligence and the Colts’ superior pass protection, so he has several years left at a high level. Which is perfect, because Tebow needs several years before he’ll be ready to play at a high level. Tebow might never get there, but being drafted by the Colts would give him the time, and his fans the patience, needed by all. Meantime, the Colts could use a better backup than Curtis Painter. Bless his heart, he’s awful.

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