Sports Media Weekly Podcast No. 22

Sports Media Weekly Podcast No. 22

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Sports Media Weekly Podcast No. 22


Once again, Keith Thibault of Sports Media Journal and I get together for another edition of the Sports Media Weekly podcast. For the entire length of the podcast, our guest is the great Neil Best of Newsday. If you’re a regular reader of Fang’s Bites or have been with me since the rebirth of the blog in May 2007, you’ll know how much Neil was a resource for me until October of last year when Newsday’s owner, Cablevision put up a paywall and since then, many of us no longer have access to Neil’s blog and columns.

Well, for one day and one day only, Keith and I bring Neil from behind the paywall and to your computers for free. In this podcast, we discuss the record viewership for Super Bowl XLIV, the ads and Neil’s thoughts on the CBS production of the broadcast.

I get Neil to wax poetic (albeit briefly) about the destruction of Giants Stadium and we also talk about the impending NFL labor strife.

We talk about the rebranding of the broadband web service to and what confusion that will cause in the short term.

We also touch on the Olympics and how much Neil plans to watch. WFAN’s Mike Francesa and his curmudgeon-like ways are discussed. And we also bring up the dreaded paywall and how that has affected his readership.

It’s a very good podcast and one that was quite enjoyable to tape. You can find the podcast here or go to iTunes to download it. Make sure you leave feedback and please, name and town, name and town, name and town. We want to know what you think and so would iTunes.

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