O.K. Some Names

O.K. Some Names

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O.K. Some Names



Here are a few names at DT for you to peruse. There a a number of excellent prospects in this draft and two or more should be around when we pick. There will also be some very good players who will drop to round 2. Here is a taste of what I found and what I think. We’ll start with Ndamu “Kong” Suh 6’4 302lbs!

(1) One of the top prospects to come along in awhile. This guy is huge,has unbelievable numbers and played in a very tough conference. He is a solid #1 pick but the Rams may think that Claussen fills a bigger need. This is the guy I would take.

(2)Gerald McCoy 6’4 298 lbs. McCoy is pretty much the concensus #2 talent in the draft. He played for the  Texas and was dominant. He will go top 10 maybe #2

(3) Carlos Dunlap DE 6’6′ 260 lbs. O.;K. he is a defensive end and I don;t think we need one and he comes out of Florida and they don’t do well in the N.F.L. He is a JR. and he is highly reguarded. I don’t see how a team with Hayden and Dunlap and a first round linebacker played such average defense. All three are progected first round. I’m out!

(4)Derrick Morgan DE 6’4″ 272 lbs  Now this guy is rated anywhere from top 10 to late first. I live in Atlanta and had occasion to see him more than once. Another jr. with size and speed but not for me at 15.

(5) Everson Griffin U.S.C. D.E. Yet another DE but at 6’3 and 280lbs he could be another Tuck. This guy is a player and U.S.C. makes lot’s of outstanding pro’s. He will probably be there when we pick or maybe in the second. I like him.

(6) Dan Williams NT Tennesssee 6’2′ 329lbs. Now we’re talking. We haven’t had a dominant nose in forever. This uy is big,strong,good penetration but he has been injured a little too much for me. We’ll see how he does at the combine as he could climb. He is definately first round,early second.

(7) Jared Odrick P.S.U. DT. 6’5″ 296lbs. This guy can play. He is big,strong,tall, and comes an excellent program. Known for lber’s I can’t shake the memory of the last Penn State d.l. who went “1. Remember Brown? A lot of folks wish they didn’t. The guy should be there when we pick in rd 2. A good pick there.

(8) Brian Price U.C.L.A. 6’1″ 295lbs. I saved my personal two favorites for the end as I believe they aqre worthy of our first and at least one should be there. Price has awesome stats. Thye guy has a motor and he made a lot of plays in the other guys backfield. He is quick and he is agile. HIS height is a little problem as at 6’1″ he is short by N.F.L. standards. He is great at getting pressure but his tackling is not the best. I would take a chance as he may be a star

(9) Terrance(M.T.) Cody 6’4′ 385 lbs. Alabama. Now this guy I love. I saw him play and for a huge guy he is very athletic. He was dominant on a dominant defense and MClain didn’t suffer any for his presence. I saw him block field goals by just pushing his guy into the kicker and I saw him jump to do it. His weight is a concern and he is a two down player but if he is what he could be and if he plays at 325lbs to 340 lbs the guy could be there as an all pro for a long time. He is a space eater which allows for the speed guys to open up. There are no guarantees in this life but this is a player at a position who can dominate. He is rated in the top 20 by most so,it isn’t a big reach. Imagine a plug in the middle. Hell, we haven’t that in memory and a guy like this canmake everyone better.

There are more. TYhere is a kid from Mississippi,a kid from Syracuse and several others who can play. None is a first rounder but we’ll get around to it.

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