Wolves Updates 2/10

Wolves Updates 2/10

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Wolves Updates 2/10


Click here for the forum’s thread for tonight’s game against the Bobcats
Game previews:
Ellington, who played high school ball about 10 miles away at Episcopal Academy, sat in front of his locker 90 minutes before tipoff, hundreds of dollars worth of tickets spread out in front of him, and carefully transferred the names of classmates, teammates, friends and family members onto ticket envelopes. “First time, big crowd,” said Ellington, who ultimately doled out 43 tickets. “Everybody wanted to come. Hopefully, I’ll get a nice round of applause when I get into the game.”

He did, and the reaction was even louder when the rookie guard hit back-to-back hoops late in the first quarter. But it’s not even the biggest hand that Ellington will receive this week.

That one figures to come on Saturday, at halftime of the North Carolina-N.C. State game, when Ellington and former Tar Heels teammate Ty Lawson watch their uniform jerseys hoisted to the ceiling of the Dean Smith Center in Chapel Hill, N.C.

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