Frank Mir "Kill Lesnar" Audio

Frank Mir "Kill Lesnar" Audio

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Frank Mir "Kill Lesnar" Audio


It appears that I’m not getting too much support in my quest to get Frank Mir suspended for his comments about wanting to kill Brock Lesnar.  Many people are saying when you listen to the actual interview it doesn’t sound that bad – I disagree.  I still stand by my belief that this is very bad for a sport that is still struggling to legitimize (and legalize in some parts of the world) itself in mainstream society.  At least Dana White is upset about this also.  Perhaps the best part of the interview is Mir complaining how guys like Lesnar aren’t good role models for kids but then he goes and threatens to murder someone later in the interview.  Apparently Mir has realized his hypocracy and is going to be issuing an apology


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