McGrady's Knee Acting Up

McGrady's Knee Acting Up

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McGrady's Knee Acting Up


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Didn't take the NY headline writers long, huh?


Tracy McGrady's comeback took a troubling turn when the new Knick limped off the court in the final minutes of his second game.

The cursed Knicks limped to a horrifying 83-67 loss to the Bucks and were booed off the court by a surly Garden crowd after scoring their season low.

McGrady said afterward he knocked knees twice and wouldn't guarantee he'll be healthy enough to face the Celtics tonight in Boston.

"Hopefully it's not sore [today]," McGrady said. "Maybe I'll lace them up and play, but we'll see. We'll see how it feels before the game."

So T-Mac might miss tonight's game.  Who cares?  We all want to see Nate and Eddie House anyway.

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