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Friday roundup

Not much happening on the Pirate front today since there’s a golf tournament this afternoon, but I’ve got some links to share before everyone puts on their USA hockey hats this afternoon.

There’s two good FanGraphs links to share. First is an interview with Charlie from Bucs Dugout and second is a look at Jason Kendall’s only remaining offensive skill, getting hit by pitches.

There’s another good Lastings Milledge piece in the PG today, but man, if I read one more thing about his work ethic and how dedicated he is to turning himself around, I’m going to start expecting a .300/.400/.500 season with 30 homers out of the guy (NOTE: This line is not what I expect out of Lastings Milledge).

Vegas Watch has the over/unders for the MLB season if you’re in to that kind of thing. The Pirates are at 71. Over or under?

Finally, voting closes tonight for the Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog tournament. I still don’t want to campaign for myself over Bucs Dugout, but I do appreciate everyone that’s done so on my behalf on Twitter so far and I encourage people to go vote one way or another simply to run up as big an overall vote total as possible for the two Pirate blogs in the finals.

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