McClain's pro day

McClain's pro day

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McClain's pro day


Per McClain has announced he suffers from Crohn’s disease since High School.


In a nutshell Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory disease of the intestines that is the immune system attacks the digestive system.  Although not degenerative in nature it requires a strict lifestyle and diet to manage.  Medications are significant but diet and discipline to adhere to it are apparently as important.

This will hurt his position in the draft as there is a calculated gamble with a reliance on him remaining diligent and disciplined to the lifestyle to contain the heightening of this disease.  Based on this who cannot be more of a fan of McClain as he is obviously more than an intelligent, hard working, elite athlete but also a very disciplined individual?  To me his stock goes up and who wouldn’t be more than willing and happy to gamble on this individual?

By the way he got into the 4.6s on the 40 and is targeting 4.5 by this weekend.  He has been ailed with a hammy since October unbeknownst to his teammates.

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