Sports Media Weekly Podcast No. 26

Sports Media Weekly Podcast No. 26

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Sports Media Weekly Podcast No. 26


Yes, we’re at a half year’s worth of podcasts with this latest edition of the Sports Media Weekly Podcast. In this episode, Keith Thibault of Sports Media Journal and I talk about the upcoming NCAA Tournament on CBS and the announcer lineup which went through relatively few changes this year. We also discuss the changes at ESPN Radio including the return of Chuck Wilson this weekend. And Keith and I opine on the silly media feud between Captain Blowhard and Keith Olbermann.

Our guest this week is Keith McSpurren, the President of CoverItLive, the application which allows blogs to live chat and provide live coverage of events. Keith talks with Keith about how the product came into fruition and how blogs both large and small have come to use it. Unfortunately, I was unable to take part in this interview, but Keith does a tremendous job as always in the interview. Keith Thibault, that is. Keith McSpurren was a fascinating guest so it’s safe to say Keith did a tremendous job.

Anyway, you find the podcast on iTunes under Sports Media Journal or you can listen right here.

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