The Draft Project

The Draft Project

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The Draft Project


The Gears are turning.  UltimateNYG is busy at work evaluating the 2010 NFL Draft.

Pete and Wonder are both working on a specific evaluation of the players.  We attempted to be analytical in such a way that not only can the players be graded, but also that Pete and Wonder can also be graded in 2013.  Yes,  after 3 seasons, we will have a precise method of grading out everyone so that we can objectively rate the football and the analysis.  We won’t be perfect but at least we’ll be sticking our necks out with content that we believe is strong.  The system we are creating will be a work in progress too.  But it should be able to VERIFY whether the analysis is correct.

This list below is not set in stone, but we have a preliminary rating system in mind for each player.

1= Outright Star/Superstar Potential.  Impact player with multiple Pro Bowls.
2= Great Player. Pro Bowl either in name or not.
3= Solid Professional Football Player.  A guy who starts, plays well, the guts of your team.
4= Starter.  Holds down his job but is eventually replaceable.
5= Second tier player.  Second string, special teams.  Dirty work.
6= Fringe player. Barely on the roster.  Camp Fodder.
7= Bust.  Underachievement for a highly ranked player or a later round guy who fails to make the roster.

The preliminary thinking is that if you are within +/- 1 level you will get credit, perhaps 1 point. If you are pinpoint precise on a player’s rating you will get 2 points.  We will have plenty of time to tweak it, but there has to be more reward for a high grade for Tom Brady and similarly a low grade for Ryan Leaf. 

As examples of how players grade out, 1=Strahan, 2=Tuck, 3= Diehl, 4=Cofield, 5= Tollefson, 6=Koets, 7=Moss, Wright.

Pete will be doing the top 100 prospects.  Wonder Psychopath will be doing the Top 200.  If you think it is easy to do this, we welcome you to go on record!  Submit a list of your Top 100 prospects with a rating for each player.  Maybe in just a few short sentences you quickly realized that this is not as easy a job as you previously thought and that your jewels will be on the chopping block.  I know for certain that I could never do this because I simply do not watch enough college football.  But there are more than a few of you out there who have been busy commenting on a lot of football players.  Take the plunge and go on record.  If you beat Wonder’s score for grading the Top 200, I promise to get you onto the NY Times.                 

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