Bob Uecker Hall-bound...Again

Bob Uecker Hall-bound...Again

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Bob Uecker Hall-bound...Again


I’m generally not one to surf around the interwebs looking for wrestling stories, but when I saw the words “Bob Uecker” and “Hall of Fame”…I had to stop and look.

Sure, Uecker is already enshrined in Cooperstown as a broadcaster (he received the Ford C. Frick Award in 2003), but who’d have ever thought that he would be forever linked to such legends as “Nature Boy” or “The Hitman”.

“It’s going to be a hoot,” Uecker told the Journal Sentinal, “I’m already shopping for tights.”

Reportedly, that WWE has wanted to induct the two-time WrestleMania announcer for a while now, but his duties with the Milwaukee Brewers have caused scheduling conflicts. Chairman of NBC Universal Sports (and the guy who helped launched Saturday Night’s Main Event) Dick Ebersol is set to induct Uecker.

This isn’t exactly the first time the WWE Hall of Fame has had baseball on its mind. In 2004, they welcomed all-time hit king Pete Rose into their hallowed halls and in 2007, baseball Hall of Famer Wade Boggs inducted his longtime friend “Mr. Perfect” Curt Henning.

Let’s see…wrestling, baseball, Hall of Fame. There’s a steroids joke to be made here somewhere…but I’m going to tap out before I go down that road.

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