This might be the dumbest question ever asked

This might be the dumbest question ever asked

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This might be the dumbest question ever asked


I completely missed this piece from Shaun Powell on until I saw it pop up in my Celtics Town RSS feed.

The headline: Was the Celtics' choice to win quickly worth the long-term payoff?

It's a question that has me struggling for an appropriate response.  So since I can't really find the words… I'm just going to let this guy sum it up for me:


I'm sorry, Shaun Powell.  I know you were just looking to spark a discussion.  And I know I've written some of my own stuff that is worthy of me getting called out (and I will almost definitely churn some more of that stuff out in the future)… but that's some Grade A ridiculousness.

We went to a parade.  We beat the Lakers.  They put up a "World Champions" banner…

How many teams get to do that?  Ever?

Yeah, we now get caught up in our little myopic, game-to-game foolishness… but my Celtics championship T-Shirts aren't even faded yet.  The title was so recent, the photos I've uploaded are on still-relevant social-networking sites…. which says a lot in this breakneck world of sites flourishing and crashing.

So the answer is… the title is ALWAYS worth it.  ALWAYS.  It's never a question.  It's silly to even ask.

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