Your Morning Dump... Where playing well has to become a habit

Your Morning Dump... Where playing well has to become a habit

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Your Morning Dump... Where playing well has to become a habit


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"And what if we don't [play well]? Should we quit and go home?" asked
Rivers. "You just show up. And you work on it, and, if you win and play
well, great. Here's my question for you: What if it's a
'must-play-well,' and we play well and win? Should we stop playing then,

"It's a long season, guys, and it's a game-to-game thing. Today, we
had this talk, guys were chattering too much. I reminded them, 'Guys, we
played well for one game. What the hell? It doesn't matter. You gotta
keep doing it. It's gotta become a habit.' And I don't think it's become
a habit for us yet. That's what is has to become."

ESPN Boston:  Doc to C's: Just play

I know exactly how fans are going to react if the Celtics revert to their crappy play.  Our post game recap will get another 50 comments from people who say "that's it, I'm done with these guys."  Chuck might use that picture of the elephant crapping on that guy.  We'll all declare this team is done.


Doc still has time to find something that hammers home the point, if he needs to, that playing well for one game doesn't erase the boos from a few nights ago.  Slip so soon after playing well and all we fans will see is a team that doesn't care to… or simply can't… get the point.

Coming up, Page 2… where the Celtics even trash talk each other

Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

After completing his first full-squad practice as a member of the Celtics, one major difference stood out to Michael Finley
about his new team.

“A lot of talking – trash talking, I guess,” Finley said. “It’s a lot
more aggressiveness, a lot more of just letting the players go out and
play, a lot less teaching than we had in San Antonio. But each team is
different, each approach is different and I think the approach that Doc
(Rivers) and the coaching staff takes with this team is suited for this

Herald: Finley runs smooth transition game

Michael Finley has played in 3 games so far and yesterday was his first chance to go through a full practice.  That shows that there is absolutely no chance for these guys to practice much during the season… and that Finley is pretty good at picking things up quickly. 

So far, its looking like the Finley signing will have a positive effect on the team.  It's also looking like he'll be taking minutes from Tony Allen.  You can mix and match those guys depending on the situation.  Need a stopper?  Bring TA in.  Need some offense?  Finley's your guy.

So far… so good.

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