2010 Draft Class Up in Smoke

2010 Draft Class Up in Smoke

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2010 Draft Class Up in Smoke


Wednesday, several news sources released stories regarding the history of drug use among members of the 2010 NFL draft class.  Apparently, up to one third of the projected first round picks this spring, have admitted to smoking cannabis during their college days.  Deadspin made note of a report by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, which estimates that up to 47% of all college students have experimented with pot.  How this surprises anyone, I’ll never understand.

There always seems to be a few stories circulating this time of year, exploiting the past drug use of incoming collegiate players.  Last year, Percy Harvin was one of six rookies to test positive for marijuana at the actual Combine.  While many teams used this information to tag Harvin as having “character issues”, perhaps they should have paid more attention to his actual health.  Harvin’s only “issue” to speak of last season, was the amount of practice and game time he missed due to chronic (no pun intended) migraines.

Just a thought, but, cannabis use isn’t exactly a new fad among NFL players.  Just ask Shawn King, Ricky Williams or even Detroit’s Calvin Johnson.

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