Doc on D&C: There's still slippage

Doc on D&C: There's still slippage

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Doc on D&C: There's still slippage


Six games at home in the next 12 days, what does that mean to you as a team in a practical matter?

We took the day off, today’s a treatment day, and then we play. But after that, we actually get some practice days in. It’s funny, we’re playing well, but we really need practice right now, I see so many things where we’re slipping, because we haven’t had practice. It gives us a chance to get right and get healthy and get some rest all at the same time, so this is a great stretch for us.

Practice just for the new guys, or for everyone?

For everybody. I think there’s slippage all around, but that happens when you go through a stretch of games when you don’t have practice, you see things as a coach that you need to work on.

Rivers on D&C: Full Trasncript

We might be enjoying the new Celtics for a couple of weeks, but Doc is still not happy.  He said "we're close" in that interview, but he's not going to give anyone more than that. 

One big theme he touched on was the injuries.  The Celtics are starting to make waves as they're getting healthier.  That can't be a coincidence.

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