Nevermind: Tyreke Will Miss the Next Two Games

Nevermind: Tyreke Will Miss the Next Two Games

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Nevermind: Tyreke Will Miss the Next Two Games


So after we found out that Tyreke Evans has set his sights for Friday as his return, the Kings released a statement saying this:

Sacramento Kings guard Tyreke Evans will miss the team’s next two games (at Boston 3/26, at Cleveland 3/28) and will be re-evaluated on Monday, according to President of Basketball Operations Geoff Petrie.

Well that kind of sucks but it’s probably for the best.

Years ago, I was playing in summer rec league game and was knocked unconscious while trying to dribble out the clock as the other team was attempting to foul us to extend the game. Got hit with a dirty forearm shiver to the head apparently. I couldn’t tell you because I don’t remember. I just remember having the ball and then being on the ground looking up at everybody standing over me.

I wasn’t right for like two weeks. Considering Reke took a much harder hit to his noggin, this is probably smart for the Kings to keep him out against two physical, defensive teams in the Celtics and Cavs. There’s no rush to bring him back when the season is basically over. It’s disappointing because imagine what the Celtics and Cavs can do on their homecourts to the Tyreke-less Kings when the Nets just slapped them around.

Oh well, on the bright side the Pistons might pass the Kings in the overall standings, giving the Kings a better chance at a Top 3 selection.

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