Rich Rodriguez Sued in Alabama

Rich Rodriguez Sued in Alabama

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Rich Rodriguez Sued in Alabama



When it rains, it pours losses, lawsuits, and inevitably — one day, sooner rather than later — a pink slip on Michigan head coach, Rich Rodriguez’s desk. 

Via Freep:

He now is a defendant in a nearly $1-million breach-of-contract lawsuit stemming from his involvement in a condominium complex in Tuscaloosa, Ala., according to theTuscaloosa News and the Associated Press. The suit follows one filed last summer involving a condominium complex that never materialized in Blacksburg, Va.

Rodriguez is one of several defendants listed in the Alabama suit, filed in Tuscaloosa by the West Columbia Trading Company of South Carolina, which is asking for more than $995,000 plus interest on a $1-million loan for the Legends of Tuscaloosa complex built near the Crimson Tide’s football stadium. The suit claims payment was due Dec. 31, 2007.

Anybody can be sued, so it obviously doesn’t mean he’s guilty of any thing.  However, the connotations are negative and negative things have been following this guy around like his own asshole since he left West Virginia.  If Rich Rod doesn’t somehow miraculously win 8+ games this upcoming season, I think it’s safe to say he’s more likely to be flipping pizzas at one of David Brandon’s Dominos joints than being Michigan’s head football coach anytime shortly thereafter.  Of course, that’s pretty much common knowledge at this point.

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