News & Links - 4/28/10

News & Links - 4/28/10


News & Links - 4/28/10


News & Links: 4/28/10

Your digest for all things concerning the St. Louis Blues and the game of hockey as a whole.

St. Louis Blues News

– As we mentioned a while back, prices for season ticket holders are on the rise. There is a nice article about that situation over at St. Louis Game Time and it is definitely worth a look on this Wednesday. Ticket prices were bound to go up, but this significant of an increase following a down season by the club should rub many season ticket holders the wrong way.

– Love Erik Johnson? You can meet him and get an autograph on May 8th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at the Hardee’s at Hampton and 44.

– For now, all is quiet on the rest of the Blues front. Keep checking back for all of the latest news as the summer progresses.

NHL News

– Detroit ousted the Phoenix Coyotes in Game 7 last night. With Phoenix eliminated, it is now time for all Blues fans to get behind the San Jose Sharks, as we all should root for any team that has a chance to eliminate the evil that is Detroit. Puck Daddy offers a great preview of the Detroit/San Jose series that lies ahead.

– Washington takes on Montreal tonight in what should be a thrilling Game 7. Be sure to tune in at 7:00pm ET on Versus.

– The NHL has released the names of the three Jack Adams Award finalists. They are Joe Sacco of the Colorado Avalanche, Dave Tippett of the Phoenix Coyotes and Barry Trotz of the Nashville Predators. Not a bad candidate to win the award in the bunch.

Random News Stories

– Did a group of Turkish scientists discover Noah’s Ark? They sure believe they have, but the jury still is out on the biblical boat. It seems like once every other month some group or another discovers something extraordinary just for it to later to be labeled a hoax. This certainly looks like a story that could fall in that category. You be the judge.

– In case you haven’t been watching ESPN and have somehow missed the endless World Cup spots, the largest soccer tournament in the world is just 43 days away.

Video of the Day

It’s nice leaving things on a light note. Today, a trailer for the movie The Other Guys featuring Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Comedy should ensue.

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