BC Hockey: First on the Ice and in the Bar

BC Hockey: First on the Ice and in the Bar

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BC Hockey: First on the Ice and in the Bar


On April 10th, the Boston College men’s ice hockey team won the NCAA championship by beating up on Wisconsin, 5-0. Of course — this being college and all — the kids have been living it up. And by “living it up” I mean “getting hammered”. Because it’s college.

While most kids use excuses such as “there’s no class on Saturday” and “my girlfriend dumped me” to go out and get drunk on Friday night, you’d have to figure that “winning a national championship” is right on the top of the list of such excuses. It’s probably just above “graduating” and under “won the lottery.” So, it’s hard to expect them to not drink under such circumstances. And I guess it’s hard to expect them to behave when they drink cause it’s college, but as the upstanding (read: jealous) member of adult society that I now am, I must scoff at them. Begin the scoffing!

As the dutiful and respectable college hockey champions that they are, four members of the BC hockey team and four other students packed into a Jeep and smashed it into a trolley in Boston last weekend. Luckily, there were no life-threatening injuries and the driver wasn’t drinking. So, it could have easily been really bad, but luckily wasn’t and we can still sit here and make jokes.

But despite all this, there’s one really damning paragraph in the Boston Globe’s article that explains everything that happened (emphasis mine).

The players involved in the accident are all freshman who played on BC’s recent national championship team, according to a roster on the college’s website.

Ugh. It’s always freshman.

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