Birds Love The Steelers: Part 1,442

Birds Love The Steelers: Part 1,442


Birds Love The Steelers: Part 1,442


This bird loved the Steelers.

So did this one.

This one, too.

And now we have yet another bird Steelers fanboy. Steelers fanbird? Birdboy? There must be some awesome tree branch somewhere that is like Steelers-haven for birds. You know, where they can talk Steelers football with each other, despite the threat of rival eagles, falcons, ravens, etc. Kinda like how we have Foley’s, our Penguins bar, about a block and a half from Madison Square Garden.

So these birds all meet up, talk Steelers, then go home to their owners and repeat Steelers chants all day long. I think I can get behind this initiative.

Skip to the 0:58 mark to hear thisbird cheer on the Steelers. Well, it’s more of a barely-distinguishable squawk, but you’ll hear it again upon a second or third listen.

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