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Some comments on the Giants, NFL et al

1) On Monday, Jason LaCanfora noted that Cofield was almost traded to the Saints for a Day 3 pick after Linval Joseph was picked up on Day 2.

2) Wonder did not have anything incrementally positive on the Giants unrestricted free agent pickups.

3) The NFL goes after the primetime market for the Draft and shortens the time to 10 minutes between first round picks.  Then they proceed to hold the picks forever when teams submit their selections well before time expires.  Item of evidence #237- it’s all about the money. 

4) The Giants had JPP as the 6th rated player in the draft.  Our panel had him as 29th and 33rd best in the draft.  This pick, along with 100-200 others, is what will be graded out. 

5) Draft grades now are as good as the draft evaluations before the draft began.  Because we have given comprehensive evaluations of almost all of the prominent draftees, it is redundant and unnecessary for us to ‘grade’ out all of the teams.  Beyond commenting on some of the questionable fits (CJ Spiller going to a team without an OL), it is just a repeat of the predraft opinion.

6) We never chimed in on Roethlisberger’s 6 game suspension.  Big black eye.  He deserved every game of it.  The guy is lucky to be just suspended from the game of football.

7) Aaron Hernandez joins a list of players who fell in the draft.  But Matt Taibbi explains that you buy the marijuana

8) Corrected.  Antrel Rolle is not related to Myron Rolle.  I saw mixed information about who may be a cousin/distant cousin of one or the other.  

9) Family Services of Westchester is having a fundraiser tomorrow, April 29th.  Plenty of current and former athletes will be there, including Steve Smith and Lawrence Taylor.

10) This site is for discussion of the Giants.  Dissent is welcome.  Personal attacks are not.  Please respect the site.  I am rethinking the comments access.       

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