MLB's Twittergate

MLB's Twittergate

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MLB's Twittergate



Major League Baseball is facing some very negative PR for their twitter policy and is now trying to put the genie back in the bottle:

After posting my story last night about writers being banned from using Twitter for non-baseball topics and MLB players being told their tweets will be monitored, I was contacted by a spokesperson for MLB who essentially said I was 100 percent wrong. In fact, he went so far as to say my story was so “factually inaccurate” it had the good folks at MLB “mystified by all of this.”

Prior to posting the story I spoke to multiple MLB and employees, each of whom made it very clear that the beat reporters were told to cease using their current Twitter accounts for anything other than coverage of the team. Several writers even made announcements to that effect on their Twitter pages, although within hours those messages had (coincidentally, I’m sure) been deleted.

Major League Baseball could have simply made a statement that they were revisiting their twitter policy.  They instead decided to deny the policy and will end up looking even worse in the long run.

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