Saints Nation: Grading Drafts Is Stupid

Saints Nation: Grading Drafts Is Stupid


Saints Nation: Grading Drafts Is Stupid


I will not be handing out a letter grade for the Saints’ draft class, or anyone’s. The idea that “experts” can tell how good or bad a draft is just hours after it happened has to be the most ridiculous concept I’ve ever heard. Like anyone would know what genius picks Jahri Evans and Marques Colston were going into the draft. Based on their production since the draft, both players would have been top 10 picks, not drafted in the 4th and 7th rounds respectively. I’m pretty sure Pierre Thomas wouldn’t have gone undrafted either. Similarly, how often are picks labeled “can’t miss” only to flop royally? I really don’t think you can put any stock in how people grade draft classes unless those grades are given a MINIMUM of 3 years later. The bottom line is the draft isn’t an exact science. Fans don’t know what they’re getting, media “experts” don’t know, and the teams don’t even know for sure. As much time that’s spent scouting, interviewing, and testing, teams still get it wrong all the time.

So here’s what I suggest you do if you hear any talk about the Saints having an awful or mediocre draft (or even a great one): wait at least three years before rushing to judgment. To further illustrate what a difference a year can make, consider that Meachem and Bushrod were both considered horrible picks leading up to 2009, a couple years into the careers of both players. Look how they contributed in 2009, and in one year the importance of those picks made a complete 180. Patience is a virtue.

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